Married Man with Kids Stoked to be Back at Work After Weekend

A Sydney man with two young children is ecstatic to be back at work today after yet another gruelling weekend spent with his wife and kids, he has admitted in an exclusive interview with The Sydney Sentinel.

A typical weekend for the man involves being yelled at for missing “Fun Family Friday” when he comes home late after having just 16 beers and a few lines with colleagues, attending up to 12 kids’ sporting events from 6 am Saturday and at least 26 kids’ birthday parties on Sunday, and enjoying “quality time” watching romantic comedies with his wife.

“I hate the weekend,” the man said. “Work is such a bludge compared to being forced to spend time with your own wife and kids. I often stay back late or just hide at a pub on weeknights so I’m home after the kids have gone to bed.”

The man said coming home late had the added benefit of earning him a little bit of sympathy and respect.

“My wife thinks I’m such a hard worker, when, in reality, I spend most of my work day on the toilet, on Facebook or wondering what I’m meant to be doing,” he said.

The man is just one of the millions of men around Australia silently suffering through life.


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