SCAM WARNING: Ignore Boss Who Says Not to Worry About Work This Afternoon


The CSIRO has issued a scam warning today cautioning workers across Australia to ignore bosses who tell them to enjoy the Melbourne Cup and not worry about doing any work this afternoon.

Unfortunately, it has been confirmed that this is a known scam and your boss will still demand the work first thing tomorrow morning in a hangover-induced rage, between shouting contradictory catchphrases like “work doesn’t stop for the Melbourne Cup, pal”.

A Sydney advertising creative said she fell for this scam last year.

“Account services gave me 20 or so urgent briefs due the next morning before they clocked off for a boozy Cup lunch,” the woman said. “So, I was going to spend the afternoon in the office with the rest of the creative team, but then my creative director strolled in after a few schoonerccinos calling me un-Australian and telling me to come and get loose at the pub. H­e even informed me that he’d already put $350 on his own nose.”

“But first thing the next morning he demanded the work, even though he knew I was hanging with him in the bathroom and sometimes the pub for the whole afternoon. I probably would’ve been fired if the entire account service team hadn’t had a sick day and pushed back all the deadlines.”


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