Sydney Thought to be a Minecraft Simulation

minecraft sydney

Sydney’s never-ending construction projects are proof the city is not real and is likely a giant computer simulation created by a more sophisticated intelligence playing the popular world-building game Minecraft, according to top CSRIO scientists.

“Tearing down the monorail to build a light rail ‘just because’ or moving The Powerhouse Museum out to Parramatta is exactly something a bored Minecraft player would do,” one scientist said. “We’re clearly just a sandbox for some technologically advanced teenager having a bit of fun attempting to create a city in his or her spare time.”

Other scientists agree.

“The worst part about it all is that the being playing the Minecraft simulation is not very good at the game,” a researcher said. “Look at the place, there are cranes and construction going on everywhere and most of it doesn’t make any sense. Like the $38 million Albert ‘Tibby’ Cotter cycle and pedestrian bridge over Anzac Parade that isn’t used by cyclists or pedestrians.”

Sydneysiders are hoping the advanced species playing the game gives up soon or resets the whole thing and starts again.


95% of People Not Sure if we Lost or Gained Sleep for Daylight Savings


An overwhelming number of Sydney-siders are completely stumped about whether they lost or gained sleep when daylight savings kicked in this morning, a NASA study has revealed.

One Sydney man said he had used the confusion to his advantage.

“Due to my phone’s clock changing automatically overnight, my body clock was confused, and I had no idea what time it ‘really’ was,” said the man. “I just told myself that 9am today time is probably more like 5pm or so yesterday time, so I took myself to the pub for a few schooners to help adjust.”

Other people were choosing to ignore the issue for now.

“Look, I’m not even going to worry about it today,” one woman said. “I’ll keep it up my sleeve and use daylight savings as an excuse to be four hours late to work on Tuesday.”

Daylight savings has been cited as the number-one reason for people waking up feeling horrible today, despite the fact that many have eaten nothing but pingers since knocking off work for the long weekend on Friday morning.

Man Between Netflix Shows Turns to Drugs to Fill Void


A man who recently finished watching a series on Netflix and is still searching for a new show has turned to drugs to fill the hole that has been left in his life.

“The worst part was that I didn’t realise I had watched the finale of the most recent season until I went to watch the next episode and there wasn’t one,” the man said. “I spent the next few hours flipping through Netflix and Stan before an overwhelming sense of indecision and panic forced me to turn off the TV and take the edge off with a relaxing ice pipe.”

The man said realising that he’d watched the latest season of his favourite show and the new season wouldn’t start for at least a year felt “like a bad break-up when you’re in one of those confusing on-and-off relationships”.

“It’s a bit like grieving,” he said. “I’m still getting flashbacks and thinking often of all the characters and the good times we shared, but I’m worried those memories will soon start to fade.”

The man tried reading a book “out of desperation” but had to stop after suffering chronic imagination pains.

Man Puts Air Conditioners on Full Blast 24/7 to Help Combat Global Warming

AC man

A Sydney man has declared war on global warming by putting his home, office and car air conditioners on full blast and promising to leave them on high for the entirety of spring and summer.

“Mother Nature is clearly dropping the ball with keeping the weather under control, so it’s up to us humans to fix things,” he said, adding that he was spurred into action after an unusually hot start to spring.

“From leaving the fridge doors open in the servo to wearing my hat backwards and chilling out instead of going to work and getting all hot under the collar, I’ve been doing everything I can to keep things cool, but I can’t do it alone. So, if it’s hot outside, chuck on your bloody air conditioner and crack open all the windows. It’s not rocket surgery.”

The man added that he will even be switching to cooling menthol cigarettes.

SSM Postal Vote Blows Out to $250m as Government Mails out Sausage Sandwiches


The cost of the same-sex marriage postal vote, which was originally estimated to cost tax payers $122m, has more than doubled to $250m, after the government decided to throw a postal sausage sizzle into the mix.

“We realised that the vote wouldn’t be legally binding in Australia without a sausage sizzle,” a government spokesperson said. “So, we will be sending every person enrolled to vote a snag folded inside buttered white bread with sauce and onions.”

The move has been welcomed despite the cost, with many noting that a sausage sanga is usually the only good that comes of voting.

“This is the least they could do to thank the public for making a decision they too scared to make in parliament,” one voter said. “Although, knowing Australia Post, I bet my snag will be colder than a witch’s tit.”

No More Long Hikes with Tight-arse Mates Trying to Avoid ATM Fees


Huge expeditions with tight-arse mates to find their bank’s ATM are set to become a thing of the past, with Australia’s big four banks all ditching ATM fees today.

“This will allow the boys to stay in the same beer garden for an entire afternoon,” one man said. “My tight-arse mates only ever get $20 from the ATM and it’s obvious to anyone who knows basic beer maths that it doesn’t make sense to pay a $2-plus fee for that withdrawal, so we always have to pull up stumps and move on after every round. This destroys all momentum for anyone who’s had some luck with a bird.”

However, experts have warned that of unexpected consequences, with obesity rates set to balloon.

“I’m not sure how I’m going to stay fit any more,” one friend of a tight-arse said. “A walk to another suburb or state to find a fee-less ATM between pubs always helped burn off a schoon or two.”

To make up for lost profits, the big four banks plan to charge a $90 fee for logging onto internet banking.

Sports Just an Excuse for Aussie Men to Cry, Fans Admit

sports cry

Australia’s obsession with sports may have a direct correlation to social norms discouraging men from crying, according to a new study that found many men considered seeing their team win or lose a game as the only acceptable time to leak from the eyes.

“I haven’t cried since Optimus Prime died in the ’86 Transformers movie, so it was a huge relief when I discovered the real reason men watch sports,” one self-described footy fanatic said. “Luckily, I support the Rabbitohs, so there have been plenty of opportunities for me to have a proper cry this season.”

The study also found that “an excuse to get smashed” and “an excuse to yell in public” also rated highly on the list of reasons for watching sports, with many of those surveyed pointing out the “obviousness” of these motivations.

“Why else would anyone watch sports? I mean, take away the drinking, yelling and crying, and football is pretty boring,” one man said. “The Bachelor is heaps more entertaining.”