Weekend Ruined by Accidentally Checking Bank Balance


Redfern local Peter Panner today spoiled his weekend before it even started when he accidentally pressed “check balance” while withdrawing cash from an ATM this morning.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Panner said. “I always take an ostrich-style approach to finances, so when that negative balance popped up on screen two weeks from payday I nearly browned the new Gucci jeans I shouldn’t have bought.”

Sydney Sentinel’s money expert described Panner’s story as “a cautionary tale we can all learn from”.

“I’ve seen far too many weekends ruined by people discovering just how bad their finances really are,” he said. “It really is a case of ignorance is bliss and why wouldn’t you choose bliss when it’s an option?”

He added that there are simple things we can all do to avoid inflicting these kinds of rude financial shocks on ourselves. “Be extra careful when using an unfamiliar ATM,” he said. “Take your time and make sure you’re pressing the correct buttons.”

Uber Driver Almost Earns Enough to Make Monthly Car Payment


A Sydney-based Uber driver is “ecstatic” to have almost made this month’s loan payment for the car he had to purchase to qualify for the job.

“I’m so happy I almost bought myself a can of beer to celebrate,” the driver said. “But then I realised I still had lots of bills for bottled water and mints to pay, so I just drove home with the air con on and the music slightly louder than usual.”

His family is thrilled the man left his previous job as a kindergarten teacher, where the short hours meant “he was always home”, his wife said. “He’s now out of the house a good 20 to 23 hours a day, which really gives me back my me time.”

A shirtless male who was present when the Sydney Sentinel interviewed the wife described himself as “nobody” and “not here” but said he was also “very happy with the situation”.