Being as Weird as Possible Not the Same as Being Creative, Study Finds


Creating random, collage-style film clips using every technique learned at art school does not make you a creative genius, a new study has found.

The CSIRO study, conducted by a brave scientist who agreed to endure a marathon A Clockwork Orange-style viewing of Rage, found that being strange for the sake of being strange and a misunderstanding of what it means to be ironic were endemic issues.

“It was a horror show of senseless imagery, grotesque pastiches and blatant rip-offs, all presented with a faux-ironic wink,” he said. “I failed to identify a single memorable tune, charismatic frontman or epic guitar riff.”

The study comes as a timely reminder that wearing a 1980s-style pastel suit paired with a tea cosy as a hat is more likely to be a desperate cry for attention than a sign of individuality.

Most Places in Sydney to be Hip-Hop Themed by 2020


Every venue in Sydney will have a hip-hop theme by the year 2020, a CSIRO study has found.

The findings come after 2,327 Sydney trust-fund-powered entrepreneurs opened something to do with hip-hop mixed with fast food or craft gin in the past afternoon alone.

“Nineties American gangster rap really speaks to 2017 inner-city Sydneysiders. People can sit back with a nice juicy burger and think, ‘yeah, me too’, as they listen to the sounds of the Compton projects,” the owner of one inner-city hip-hop-themed burger joint with graffiti murals said. “I’ve seen graphic designers become completely rejuvenated after connecting with those doing it tough in the crack game just like they are with a tricky InDesign layout.”

The man said those wanting to open another hip-hop-themed place better act fast as coming up with clever rapper names for menu items is getting harder.

“Some names took us ages, but some just came naturally,” the man said. “We were lucky that our cheeseburger tasted like aids, so we called it the Cheezy-E.”