Mastermind Behind Australia’s Hardest Easter Egg Hunt Reveals Secret


A Maroubra dad whose Easter egg hunts achieved legendary status after children failed to find a single egg in 10 years, has today apologised to his family, community and religion, after admitting he’s been cheating for years.

“The real reason no one ever found any Easter eggs is that I never hid any in the first place,” he said. “All I did was hide a dozen or so cartons of beer in the fridge so I could enjoy them uninterrupted while the kids spent a few days rummaging around outside.”

The statement marks a significant change in tone from previous years, when the father of three labelled children participating in the event “idiots” for failing to find any eggs.

“Technically they’re still idiots for not working out that I never hid any eggs in the first place, but I guess I could be partly to blame,” he said, adding that he planned to make up for the decade of neglect by treating his children to a chocolate egg each the moment they go on sale tomorrow.

Sydney City Council to Cull 2,000 Street Hasslers


The New South Wales government has today announced its plan to cull 2,000 hasslers spruiking charities and gyms on Sydney streets, in a bid to control the population of this species.

It’s necessary to execute a number of street hasslers to ensure they don’t surpass pedestrians, a NSW government conservation specialist said, noting that super-fit gym hasslers were particularly out of control and hard to outrun this time of year.

“We know for a fact that over-abundant numbers of street hasslers can lead to the complete wiping out of modern civilisation,” he said. “People tend to go on a murderous spree if they’re publicly shamed by a backpacker more than 10 times within one journey. We aim to lower the number of hassles to about six per commute.”

No activist groups or university students have announced plans to protest the controlled killing of 2,000 street hasslers, the first time any move by the government hasn’t been protested against since 1960.

The skin and meat of culled street hasslers will be sold to bánh mì shops across Sydney.