WestConnex “Drug Super High Way” to be Extended to Bondi Beach


The controversial WestConnex motorway project has been secretly extended to create an express route from Sydney’s western suburbs to Bondi Beach after researchers found it was the journey most frequently made by “private couriers”, a special Sydney Sentinel investigation can reveal.

The extension, dubbed the “drug super high way”, is described as “key to both ensuring the financial future of one of the biggest industries in Sydney’s west and maintaining Bondi’s iconic nightlife” in leaked documents that outline “world-first” features, including a “white lane” in place of the more traditional bus lane, which will enable couriers to reach clients within 20 minutes of receiving an order for a bag.

Additionally, drivers will be able to insert their E-Toll tag in a bum bag rather than fitting it to a car windscreen.

“We discovered that a number of couriers use rented vehicles in their Eastern run and this bum-tag-bag convenience ensures they can easily switch between a white Lexus or Range Rover,” a spokesperson said, noting that the new road will also benefit the “thousands” of people living in denial about their home address.

“Our research showed that a number of so-called Bondi locals were in fact residents of the western suburbs.”


Sydney Tower and Other Major Landmarks to be Relocated to Western Sydney


Central Sydney is set to become a suburban wasteland within the next five years, according to leaked documents revealing plans to relocate the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Tower and other major landmarks to western Sydney.

The plans date back to 1998 when the Royal Easter Show was moved to Sydney Olympic Park at Homebush Bay after being held in Moore Park for 116 years, a whistleblower revealed.

“The idea was to move all of these big-ticket events and buildings out to western Sydney so we could sell off the land to developers at premium rates,” he said, speaking exclusively to Sydney Sentinel. “Soon all that will be left in what we currently know as Sydney’s CBD will be apartments and casinos.

The whistleblower said he became concerned after approved plans to move the Powerhouse Museum from its historic site in Ultimo to an old car park in Parramatta inspired developers to start targeting bigger landmarks, including Taronga Zoo, Bondi Beach and Luna Park.

“It really was a powerhouse move on behalf of the planners,” he said. “None of us thought we’d get away with it. Things really started to escalate after that.”

Many of the more lucrative landmarks, including the Royal Randwick Racecourse, will be relocated to western Sydney, while others, like the Wentworth Park greyhound-racing track, will simply be shut down.

The New South Wales Premier said the moves were not financially motivated.

“We want to make it clear that Sydney isn’t for sale – there’s not much left to sell,” he said.